ecInterior designer Eddie Collins grew up always interested in design whether it was sketching a floor plan, painting, or rearranging furniture. He couldn’t wait to go to his grandmother’s, who had always saved her interior design magazines for him. He was lucky to have the support of a family who nurtured his creativity. His family moved around a lot, which gave him the experience to appreciate and adapt to different areas, and genres of architecture and design.

Inspired by his clients, as well as travel, history, art, and film, Eddie respects and admires all styles of design; modern, traditional, mid century, rustic, industrial, European, and creating a look or combo that works for you and your space.

Because Eddie loves what he does, he likes to work with people who are connected to and have integrity in their work. All artisans and skilled professionals are essential to the team in creating a space of excellence.

Big or small, Eddie believes we all have a design voice. A home is an iconic place to co-create, retreat, entertain, and make memories.